JS-Enviro Oy

Founded in 2009, JS-Enviro Oy is an expert in environmental business. The operations of JS-Enviro Oy are based on strong and versatile competence and extensive experience of developing and expanding business.

Our clientele includes both public sector as well as private business. We also have an extensive network of other competent people in the environmental field, enabling us to offer our clients a wide array of expertise.

Environement services

The operations of JS-Enviro Oy are based not only on my long experience but also on extremely strong networking with other competent people in the environmental field. The client benefits from the network: he can make use of wide expertise “through one gate”. The enterprises in the network are mostly small and medium-sized firms with low overhead expenses, which has a considerable impact on the price of the commission.

Juha Saajoranta
CV Juha Saajoranta

Eero Meskus
Senior Advicer
CV Eero Meskus

Products and Services

JS-Enviro Oy offers project management and expertise services in the environmental sector in accordance with the clients requirements either as overall service or as part of a larger project.

Related to the products below, we are also able to provide solutions connected to geotechnical engineering, technological design, background surveys, expertise connected to nature and terrain mapping, competitive bidding and supervision of the project.


Major projects


The municipality of Luumäki. Acquisition of UV equipment related to improving the hygienic level of water leaving the municipal wastewater treatment plant, pre-design of the project and acquisition of equipment.


The municipality of Luumäki, updating the Permit for the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Nature and Environment Surveys of the Wind Power Project of the Lemi Municipality. The project evaluates vegetation, fauna and natural and cultural landscapes of the ten prospective wind farms. Juha Saajoranta is the project manager responsible for the project and has been responsible for environmental surveys.


Competitive bidding for the design of a new purification plant at the City of Suonenjoki. Completion of the competition process as a whole.


Supervision of the design of the new wastewater treatment plant at the City of Suonenjoki.


Team Leader Development of Technology for Modernization of Manure Processing Lines, including detailing Plans and Machinery. Preparation of complete Packages, Project Documents for three Livestock Farms in the Leningrad Region. Finnish Ministry of Environment, NEFCO.


Profitability calculations of an organic waste bioethanol plant. The work was commissioned by St1, Turun Seudun Jätehuolto Oy, Rouskis Oy, Loimi-Hämeen Jätehuolto oy, Rosk'n Roll Oy and Itä-Uudenmaan Jätehuolto Oy.


Need assessment of the Natura 2000 assessment of the Pöksänlahti area plan of Savitaipale. In the work, the impact of the above-mentioned district plan area on the Kuolimo Natur 2000 area was evaluated and the need to carry out Natura's assessment. Tasks of the project manager and reporting


Supervision of the collection and treatment of landfill gas in the City of Tartu. The work consisted of examining of the planned design and the expertise tasks of the implementation of the gas stoves and the suction system and the gas pumping plant.


Development of sludge treatment in Lapinlahti municipality, planning of limestone stabilization and implementation of the final product distribution. Comissioned by Veolia Vesi Oy.


Technical Concept for Chicken manure Plant for ZAO Roskar Chicken Farm. Preliminary study and preliminary profitability calculations for manure management.

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